Separation and Divorce in Ireland Family Law

Family Law is the name for Separation, Divorce, Child & Domestic Violence Law

Keith Walsh solicitor is an experienced family law solicitor who has very satisfactorily resolved many separation, divorce and child law cases for both husbands and wives and fathers and mothers. He is Vice Chairman of the Law Society's expert committee on Family & Child Law and has lectured students and solicitors on family law.

His approach is to meet clients, listen to the family law problem and discuss solutions with an emphasis on resolving cases sensibly before they get blown out of proportion. He has believes that clients will often do better if the case can be settled outside Court or by negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution. However it is not always possible to settle every case and Keith is not afraid to take cases to court where no realistic settlement is on offer, he has advocated firmly for clients in family law cases in the District, Circuit and High Courts.

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The best way for you to decide if we are the best solicitors for your needs is to telephone Keith on 01 455 4723 or to email him for a quick chat to  discuss your case. You can also email Keith for a copy of our free guide to family law.