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Personal Injury, High Court, Case settled

Personal Injury, High Court, Case settled

By Denis Ryan
Friday, 20th October 2017

Woman who sued after falling on broken concrete settles case

Fri, Oct 13, 2017, Irish Times

A woman who sued after allegedly tripping on broken concrete outside shops in a Dublin suburb has settled her High Court action on undisclosed terms.

She had told the court her whole life has changed since the fall in Crumlin eight years ago.

She was unable to stand or walk for long periods, cannot put on her socks herself and has sleeping difficulties.

She claimed she fell on an allegedly defective and uneven section of footpath outside the butchers shop at Old County Road.

She alleged the footpath was permitted to be, or remain, in a dangerous and hazardous condition following completion of works there.

The claims were denied and it was pleaded there was contributory negligence and she was the author of her own misfortune.

Today, Mr Justice Anthony Barr was told the case had settled and could be struck out. No terms were disclosed.

The Plaintiff, a hospital catering assistant, said in her evidence she had gone to the shops for her mother to buy a small bag of potatoes on July 21st 2009.

She said her foot got caught on broken concrete and she fell backwards onto her bottom.

She said she could not get out of bed the next morning because she had aches and pains.

She had pain in her lower back and down her leg and had to have a nerve blocking surgical procedure, she said.

An MRI scan showed a disc impinging on the nerve root and she had further surgery.